Have you ever seen an unhappy surfer?  Neither have we!

Surfers are generally a happy bunch. Even if you’ve had a bad day at the office,  it’s hard to keep a frown on your face when you are riding down the unbroken green face of a wave, with an offshore breeze blowing through your hair and the roar of the ocean ringing in your ears. Maybe that’s why millions of surfers flock to beaches around the world to recapture this amazing experience time and time again.


Hello and Welcome to Surfing Cronulla Surfschool!

Founded in 1994 by Cronulla local Mark Aprilovic, the Surfschool has built a reputation unrivalled in the New South Wales region. Eager novice surfers and total beginners come from all over Sydney to be taught by our coaches.

Our goal is to introduce people of all ages to the magic of surfing in a fun and safe environment. You progress at your own pace – patience is a virtue when you are out on the ocean!

We also offer more advanced coaching for surfers who want to add another dimension to their surfing. Our certificate courses are based on a national certification program formulated by Surfing Australia, with the support of the Australian Sports Commission. The courses are structured to enable beginners to easily progress through Levels 1 – 5.

All of our surfing programs are endorsed by the Australian Sports Commission, licensed by Surfing Australia, Surfing NSW and Sutherland Shire Council.

Our coaches are Level 1 or 2 accredited with Surfing Australia and hold senior first aid, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and bronze medallion/APOLA certification. They are also registered with “Working with Children”.

Everything you need to get out on the waves is provided by us, including learner friendly soft boards, wetsuits, rash shirts and SPF 30+ sunscreen. We store your belongings in lock-up bins at the beach while you’re having a blast surfing!

So if you, or your loved ones, want to have a fun way to stay fit and keep stress free, come join us at Surfing Cronulla Surfschool for an awesome time!





Adults Group Beginner Lessons

A great introduction to get your feet wet! You’ll be in a small group with other adults. A great introduction to get your feet wet. We will start you off in the rock pool or on the beach, depending on conditions, to familiarising you with your equipment and demonstrate how to paddle; turn your surfboard whilst sitting and lying on it; and introduce you to ‘eskimo rolls’ so you can get through the waves. It’s a great confidence builder before hitting the real stuff! Then it’s into the surf. We then show you how to catch broken waves, stand on your surfboard and ride to the beach.

Adults Intermediate/First Break Club

These lessons are for surfers who are already confident paddling out the back and catching green faced waves. If you would like to join others wanting to move forward with their surfing, INTERMEDIATE/FIRST BREAK CLUB is the program for you. We run you through general stretching, best break to surf, surfing for 1.5 hours, followed by the all-important weekly debrief and coffee at the Kiosk. There’s nothing like the feeling of taking off and catching that perfect wave. Your coach will be right beside you, directing your take-off, and working on your timing and weight distribution on the board. Linked turns will become part of your repertoire! Surfing is like most other sports, repetition of the right actions and constant honing of your skills will build your confidence and general ability in the surf. You’ll really benefit from practicing in between sessions.

Kids Group Beginner Lessons

Whether you’re keen to get started or wanting to learn some new skills, these lessons are the way to go. You have a choice of taking a single 2 hour lesson or getting really serious about your surfing and booking 4 or 8 lessons. The single session is a great introduction to surfing. We start you off in the rock pool, or on the beach depending on conditions, familiarising you with your equipment and learning to paddle, turn whilst sitting and lying and eskimo rolls. It’s a great confidence builder before hitting the real stuff! Then it’s into the surf. We then get into the fun part of catching broken waves, standing and riding to the beach. If you’re doing the extended course, the next lessons enable you to really work on your wave catching skills and confidence in the water. Getting the fundamentals right is so important for you to progress. By spending quality time over 4 or 8 lessons with your coach, ensures a firm grounding towards developing your surfing skills.

Before/After School Surfing – Beginners

This is a great way to break the week up, have some fun and improve your surfing. The sessions run for 1.5 hours throughout each school term. So if you’re a beginner or starting to develop your skills, surfing with us before or after school is definitely a good option! The course content will vary with the level of participants, but is primarily for those new to surfing or for those who has only been surfing for a short time. You can select any day and time the lessons run.

Before/After School Surfing – Intermediate/Elite

This is a great way to break the week up, have some fun and improve your level of surfing. The sessions run for 1.5 hours throughout each school term. These lessons are for surfers who are confident paddling out the back and catching green faced waves. Our squad training, with video analysis, focuses on technical and tactical skills. Strength, agility, cardio and core work are critical to enable peak performance. Squad focus is competitive, whilst being respectful of each other and the local surfing community. Our goal is Excellence at an elite level. You can select any day and time the lessons run.

School Holiday Surfing

We offer surfing sessions to kids through the schools holidays. You can choose between one-off classes or a full activity week. Every school holidays we run 3 or 4-day programs. Whether you’re a first timer or looking to hone your skills, this is the place to be. We cover the basics like reading the surf, limbering up, surf safety and catching plenty of waves. These 3-4 day programs are a great way to spend the holidays, heaps of waves, plenty of laughs and a good time. As your confidence and skills improve you’ll really start to see progress in your surfing. Kids are grouped according to their skill level, confidence and age. Friends are able to surf together.

Private Surfing Lessons

If you’re looking to improve your surfing quickly; enjoy a bit more privacy whilst you learn; or are simply looking for a fun way of getting fit, private surfing lessons are the way to go! Whether you’re an individual determined to get up on that first wave; or a group of friends or family members wanting your own personal surfing experience; or even a more experienced surfer needing some feedback on your surfing technique, our private surfing lessons give you that extra attention to detail and a dedicated coach to work with. We’ll set some goals, determine your current level, and if you’re an absolute beginner we’ll get you safely up and onto your first wave before you’ve had time to worry about falling off. If you’ve been surfing before, we’ll help you move onto the next steps a lot faster by focusing on technique, board control and bringing out your natural ability.

Kids Parties

What a great way to celebrate your birthday.good friends, lots of waves and plenty of laughs! At Surfing Cronulla Surfschool, we’re dedicated to making sure you and your friends have the best time and learn some new skills while you’re at it. We would generally suggest a 2-hour session, which would run along the same lines as a beginner lesson. We can tailor the party to your exact requirements so let us know what you’d like to do.


Surfing Cronulla Surf School

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