Walkin On Water Surf School is located at Greenmount Beach in Coolangatta and use the beautiful beaches of Greenmount and Coolangatta, which are the perfect ideal beaches for all levels of surf lesson.

Our Gold Coast Surf School offers group and private surfing lessons for all ages and surfing abilities, having taught people from 4 years old to those in their 80’s.  We are blessed with an amazing location for beginners and early intermediates having protected rolling waves, perfect for getting the basics and learning in gentle forgiving waves. It is renowned as the ideal learn to surf location on the Gold Coast.  For those with greater experience and skills, our Gold Coast Surf School location in an excellent location offering fantastic performance wave opportunities to work on all levels of skills.

Combined with our comprehensive lesson plans, all our Surf Instructors at our Gold Coast Surf School are professional fully qualified Surfing Australia or International Surfing Association surf instructors that are handpicked for their skills, knowledge and experience and importantly are able to successfully pass on this knowledge and information to our surf school participants in an extremely fun, friendly and non-threatening environment. All our Surf Instructors also hold a number of lifesaving/lifeguard and first aid qualifications to ensure as safe an environment as possible.

Walkin’ On Water Surf School is the areas ONLY fully licensed and registered Gold Coast Surf School by the state, national and international Governing Bodies of Surfing Queensland, Surfing Australia and the International Surfing Association.

Beginner Lessons

Our group Gold Coast Beginner Surf Lessons generally run for two hours (dependent upon the number of people in the class – if there are only a couple in the class, it may be a shorter lesson). Group Beginner Surf Lessons are maintained at a maximum of 8 students per Instructor in the surf to maximise student attention, help, supervision and safety. With all our surfing lessons, your professional surf instructor will get in the water with you to help you learn and progress.

Intermediate Lessons

This Intermediate Level is for those surfers that are surfing out the back and paddling onto and competently taking off on small to medium size waves (chest to about head high). In our Gold Coast Intermediate Surf Coaching program, our experienced instructors will work with you to begin to utilise the whole of the wave, to surf top to bottom in the more critical area of the wave, to work on your bottom turn and start to develop competent top turns.

Performance Lessons

Our Advanced Gold Coast Performance Surf Coaching Sessions aims to take the surfer who has been surfing for a number of years, has mastered the intermediate skills and wants to speed up the progression through this higher end intermediate, early advanced stage of skill acquisition through our Gold Coast Performance Surf Coaching.

Private Surfing Lessons

Private Surf Lessons are a sensational option for those that enjoy and prefer having a dedicated instructor to themselves or who would like to work on their surfing without the pressure of others in the group and having their own personal instructor. These are especially beneficial and ideal for those that already have mastered the basics and want to work on more complex manoeuvres or for those intermediate and advanced surfers who want to take their surfing to the next level and tweak their techniques to boost their surfing performance and confidence in a small, personal environment.

Ladies Only Lessons

The Ladies Only Surf Lessons are aimed at the beginner to early intermediate level of surfer. Whether you are a mum and coming down for a surf with us after dropping your children off to school, your fitting in your girl time with other surfers or you want a relaxed, enjoyable social time out in the waves, followed by coffee afterwards and do it all in an all-girl, laid back non-threatening environment, then our Ladies Only Surf Lessons are perfect for you.

Birthday Parties

With small student to instructor numbers, Surfing Birthday Parties with us in the waves is a fantastic option for your child’s birthday party. They will be the envy of their mates, having had the best birthday party ever – a Surfing Birthday Party with us at Walkin On Water. It’s a fun, exciting activity for them to be involved in and to begin to foster a love of a sport that combines a healthy fit lifestyle with a fantastic pastime.


Walkin on Water

Greenmount Beach
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